Magfit-best-ipad-usb-c-hub-Magnetic-ipad-stand-macbook-stand Magfit-best-ipad-usb-c-hub-Magnetic-ipad-stand-macbook-stand
Magfit-best-ipad-usb-c-hub-Magnetic-ipad-stand-macbook-dock-stand Magfit-best-ipad-usb-c-hub-Magnetic-ipad-stand-macbook-dock-stand
iPad-Stand-Best-iPad-Set-up iPad-Stand-Best-iPad-Set-up
best-iPad-Pro-USB-C-HUB-Stand best-iPad-Pro-USB-C-HUB-Stand
best-ipad-case-with-magnetic best-ipad-case-with-magnetic

To Make Your Working and Learning More Efficient

We specialize in Apple accessories, and we have a great iPad Pro Magnetic Stand and iPad Magnetic Docking Station! In addition, we have many high-quality products including USB HUB, Wireless Charging Dock, and more. In January 2022, Magfit's newest product: Magfit Magnetic 10 in 1 Dock Stand with MagSafe iPhone Charger was released on Indiegogo, and this product was officially certified by Apple as "MFM". PPID: 251682-507820

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Magfit-best-ipad-usb-c-hub-Dock-Stand-Magnetic-ipad-stand-macbook-dock-stand Magfit-best-ipad-usb-c-hub-Dock-Stand-Magnetic-ipad-stand-macbook-dock-stand

New Arrivals

iPad MagicDock Folio Keyboard with 7in1 Hub
iPad Pro& Air Keyboard Dock, The Ultimate iPad Accessory An innovative keyboard designed specifically for iPad Pro and iPad Air5&4. Combine keyboard and dock to create the ultimate accessory for your iPad Pro. The perfect magnetic smart keyboard with 7...
White Noise Wireless Charger with Alarm Clock,Night Light,APP,Compatible with Alexa
THE PERFECT BEDSIDE SETUP This product combines a custom alarm clock, white noise, ambient light, Bluetooth speaker, 15W wireless charger and weather display Support button, APP control, also support Alexa control Perfect Bedside Setting Up to 15W wireless charging Provide...
USB C Keyboard Dock
The Ultimate Keyboard, The Ultimate Pursuit The perfect combination of keyboard and USB C docking station Maximum functionality, minimum devices for a clean and tidy desktop setup. Durable aluminum alloy, ergonomic and slim design Easy to create a comfortable and...
from $169.00
MAGFIT iPad Case Magnetic Liquid Silicone Case
Magfit Official Store - Liquid Silicone Case with Magnetic Compatible With Magfit Magnetic Family With this case, most iPads can be used with Magfit Magnetic Stand & Magfit Magnetic HUB Stand.The new models supported are as follows, which can enhance the protection...
from $49.90
iPad Case with Magnetic Aluminum Case For iPad Pro/Air 5/Air4
Kevlar Material, Metal Frame, iPad Magnetic Case, Two Colors For Your Choice Designed by professional designers and engineers, the product is ultra-portable, thinner, lighter, smarter, and more stylish.The magnetic suction design of the bezel makes the installation and removal of...
MagicDock Magnetic Keyboard Float Rotatable Aluminum Keyboard Case For iPad Pro & Air
The Magic Keyboard is an amazing companion for iPad Pro and iPad Air. It features a great typing experience, a trackpad that opens up new ways to  work with iPadOS, a USB‑C port for pass‑through charging, and front  and back protection. The Magic Keyboard features a floating cantilever design,  allowing you to attach it magnetically  and smoothly adjust it to the perfect viewing angle for you. A Great Partner For WorkSome days, you may use your iPad Pro /iPad Air as your work tool.However, you may find it inconvenient to just use iPad Pro / iPad Air.Magicdock Magnetic Smart Keyboard is born for this purpose.Turn your iPad Pro 11'/12.9' and iPad Air 4th into a MacBook!You will have perfect typing, working, and user experience! Smart Design & SecurityPerfect for iPad Pro 11', iPad Pro 12.9', and iPad Air 4th.Thin, light and perfectly foldable, very portable - no extra weight or bulkAnd it keeps your iPad Pro safe in every way.MagFit is equipped with a powerful rear magnet that attaches securelyand safely to your iPad Pro,  adding security to your precious device and giving you peace of mind. 360° Swivel/45° TiltThe MagFit opens 90 degrees and once the iPad is attached to the device, you can tilt it 45 degrees.Gives you a better view and protects your spineIn addition, the best part of keyboard's design is that it has a powerful swivel axis that supports a full and smooth 360-degree rotation.Whether you're giving a presentation, working from a different angle,  or just want to show something on the screen with a client, colleague, or friend, simply rotate your iPad Pro with the swivel axis. Scissor Switch Type KeyboardMost professionals prefer a scissor-switch type keyboardMagFit is designed for that.That means MagFit has lighter, more durable, and intuitive keys that provide a smooth typing experience supported by a highly sensitive touchpad. Backlit DesignMagFit comes with a backlight - both elegant and convenient -  that you can adjust to suit the occasion and your needs.Even in the dark, it gives you a better feeling of use Fast Charging & Smart Power SavingFast charging speed with Type-c interface, built-in high-capacity batteryIntelligent hibernation and power saving, wakes up in secondsIncrease your usage time All aluminum Alloy & More Heat DissipationAluminum ensures that this smart keyboard and case are both stylish and elegant,yet rugged and durable.In addition,  the aluminum helps prevent the device from overheating and any risk of oxidation.Make your iPad pro Magic keyboard more durable! Connecting your iPad Pro with the MagFit is as easy as it should be.  Through its Bluetooth 5.1 connection,  both devices will be seamlessly connected and perfectly working in alignment with each other.
from $204.90
MAGFIT Magsafe Charger Stand 4-in-1 Foldable Stand with Night Light
This 4-in-1 MagSafe Charger Stand can not only charge your iPhone 13&12, AirPods, iWatch (or another wireless charge phone) at the same time but also offers an angle-adjustable stand to hold your phone while adding a soft fill light for...
$57.99 from $32.99
MAGFIT Cable USB C to HDMI Support 4K@60Hz PD 100W USB For Home Office,MacBooK,iPad Pro
High-quality USB to HDMI Cable with 4K@60Hz support and PD100W. Lightweight, compact and durable. Widely adaptable to a variety of devices. It is a high-quality choice for the HDMI cable   Enjoy 4K@60Hz Hd Visual OutputMagfit USB C to HDMI...

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2022 Best iPad Accessories

2022 Best iPad Accessories

In 2022, more and more iPad accessories are being updated How should you choose among the dazzling accessories? Here we will introduce you the iPad accessories from Magfit   1.Magfit iPad Magnetic Stand...
Magfit gets the Apple MFM (MagSafe)certification!

Magfit gets the Apple MFM (MagSafe)certification!

In January 2022, Magfit has finally received official Apple MFM certification! Here are the specific documents Magfit Magnetic Tablet Stand(10in1 Magnetic M.2 Dock with MagSafe for iPad Family) is an MFM-certified product. Provides true...
iPad 마그네틱 거치대를 위해서 제작 된 Magfit 마그네틱 케이스.

iPad 마그네틱 거치대를 위해서 제작 된 Magfit 마그네틱 케이스.

케이스의 뒷판이 마그네틱으로 이루어져 있습니다.  케이스가 바디 전체를 감싸는 형식이기 때문에 화면에 굳이 손을 대지 않고 스탠드의 각도 조절이 가능합니다. (필자는 화면에 지문이 묻는 것을 정말 싫어합니다.) 애플펜슬을 감싸는 상단 구조로 각도나 회전을...
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