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To Make Your Working and Learning More Efficient

We specialize in Apple accessories, and we have a great iPad Pro Magnetic Stand and iPad Magnetic Docking Station! In addition, we have many high-quality products including USB HUB, Wireless Charging Dock, and more. In January 2022, Magfit's newest product: Magfit Magnetic 10 in 1 Dock Stand with MagSafe iPhone Charger was released on Indiegogo, and this product was officially certified by Apple as "MFM". PPID: 251682-507820

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New Arrivals

Longsea Magfit iPad Mini 6 Magnetic Foldable & Adjustable Stand
Foldable iPad Mini 6 Magnetic Stand Designed for iPad Mini 6 (8.3 inch 2021 Model: A2567, A2568, A2569) Also comes with a magnetic liquid silicone case. Longsea Magfit Magnetic iPad Mini 6 Stand has a sufficient number of magnets built in...
$99.00 from $79.90
Magfire iPad & MacBook 8 in1 Magnetic Docking Station with 65W GaN Plug & Magnetic Case Suite
Such a Powerful iPad 8in1 Docking Station Magfire, another Longsea sub-brand, like Magfit, is committed to providing high-quality accessories from Apple. Magfire breaks the traditional design and perfectly integrates the magnetic mount with the 8in1 hub. Create a powerful magnetic...
65W GaN Charger with 3 Ports
Powerful 65W GaN Charger With an advanced GaN chip, compact and foldable design, 2 USB C ports and 1 USB A port, it can charge up to three devices simultaneously and fully charge your 13-inch MacBook Pro in 2 hours....
Longsea Magfit 2in1 iPad Magnetic Stand
2in1 iPad Magnetic Charger Stand   Designed For iPad Pro/iPad Air, Supports iPhone Wireless Charging Please check your iPad model before purchase Compatible iPad models are as follows iPad Pro 12.9"(2022/2021/2020/2018) iPad Pro 11"(2021/2020/2018) iPad Air 5& iPad Air4 Strong...
$129.00 $119.00
iPad MagicDock Folio Keyboard with 7in1 Hub
iPad Pro& Air Keyboard Dock, The Ultimate iPad Accessory An innovative keyboard designed specifically for iPad Pro and iPad Air5&4.(Also supports the latest 2022 iPad Pro) Combine keyboard and dock to create the ultimate accessory for your iPad Pro. The...
$299.00 $269.00
Longsea Magfit G4 Wireless Charger For iPhone 14/13/12 with Retro iMAC G4 Style
Turn Your iPhone Into a Mini iMac G4 Computer! A Tribute To Steve Jobs' Wireless Charger! iMac G4 style, more stylish! A tribute to the first generation iMac G4, not to be missed by Apple fans! Magnetic "click" instantly sucked...
USB C to USB C Cable with 4K@60Hz PD100W 1.54ft
Powerful USB C to USB C Cable USB C All-In-One Cable. Support 4K@60Hz transmission, 100W USB C fast charging, durable PVC material, adaptable to multiple devices, home essential cable   HDMI 4K@60Hz Enjoy the Big Screen USB C to USB...
Longsea Magfit iPad Magnetic Foldable Float Stand
Longsea Magfit Official Store Longsea Magfit Magnetic Silicone Case is Coming! Click Here to Get More DetailsWith it,Can Make Your iPad Pro 10.5"(2017) & iPad Air 3 10.5"(2019), iPad 9.7"(2017/2018), iPad 10.2"(2019/2020/2021) Perfectly Fit with Longsea Magfit Magnetic Stand We...
$89.99 from $84.99

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