Why you should use “Universal Control”

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What is Universal Control

 Why you should use “Universal Control”-magfit

Universal Control is a macOS feature that lets you use your Mac to control another Mac or iPad. This means your Mac's mouse, trackpad, and keyboard can be used on other devices. You can also drag and drop files between up to three devices connected through Universal Control.

Benefits of using Universal Control

If you have an iMac, iPad, MacBook and other devices. Only need one set of keyboard and mouse, you can use it on all three devices at the same time, very convenient and space-saving!

This will make Apple fans very excited!

If you often use your iPad as an expansion screen, this will make everything as convenient as it can be!

Click here to learn how to use Universal Controls

A Good Partner For Universal Control

The Universal Control feature has a great impact on the iPad

Because it increases the productivity of iPad

If there is a perfect stand, it can directly turn iPad into a small workstation, a perfect expansion screen

The following are the recommended products

Magfit longsea Magnetic Stand Plus

 Buy Nowmagfit-ipad-magnetic-stand-plus

Magfit longsea is the first brand to launch a foldable magnetic stand

Different from the ordinary iPad stand

This stand magnetically attracts your iPad

And, this is an upgrade of their first generation magnetic stand

Magfit longsea Magnetic Stand Plus is taller and more magnetic than the first generation magnetic stand.

The most special thing is that the 12.9 inch stand has a detachable hook design

It can directly hold the 12.9-inch iPad Pro while adding the hook to hold other devices, such as Samsung tablets.

Portable expansion screen, old iPad, cell phone, switch, etc.

Innovative design.


Magfit longsea iPad & MacBook Magnetic 10in1 Dock Stand

 Buy Nowmagfit-ipadpro-usbc-hub-stand-dock-stand

This product is Magfit's exclusive design product

with 10 ports.

HDMI 4K@60Hz | PD100W | USB3.1*2 (10Gpbs Transfer) | USB2.0 | SD Card | TF Card | SD Card | TF Card | 3.5mm Audio Jack | RJ45 Network interface |USB C Output

A perfect combination of magnetic ergonomic stand and powerful 10in1HUB

Aluminum alloy texture, like a natural extension of the iMac

And the HUB function can be used directly with all USB C devices. That is, your MacBook and other laptops can be used


Magfit longsea 2in1 iPad Magnetic Stand

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This product is another upgraded version of the magnetic stand, equipped with QI wireless charging

It allows you to charge your iPhone and other devices wirelessly

Great desktop gadget


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