From Bronze Casting Technology of the Sanxingdui Civilization to Liquid Silicone Case Process

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Bronze Casting Technology of the SanXingDui(1200-1000 BCE)

About 4 thousand years ago, SanXingDui metallurgists developed an advanced bronze casting technology. By adding lead to the traditional combination of copper and tin, they produced a stronger material that could support the creation of far larger and heavier objects. The most spectacular surviving examples of monumental bronze sculpture from Sanxingdui are the dozens of large-scale bronze masks and heads, featuring bulging almond-shaped eyes, with protruding pupils, and large ears. The exact meaning of these artifacts is not clear, but it is possible that the masks were used to represent certain supernatural beings in a variety of quasi-religious rites. --from ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EAST ASIAN ART Via

Liquid Silicone Case Process

How it works? --Cold runner Molding

typical cold runner system

Cold runner molds usually consist of two or three plates that are held within the mold base. The molten thermoplastic is first injected into the mold from a nozzle via the sprue, which fills the network of runners that lead to the mold cavities.

Magfit Liquid Silicone Process

Liquid Silicone is used for baby bottle Teat or Medical Equip.

Safety and high quality Silicone materials from Japan which is much better and safe than PVC and Solid silicone(may easily result by amazon or by cheaper listing price)

Real Case Studio of Magfit 

Better Case: Liquid Silicone(Apple iPhone Case) > Solid Silicone >TPU(Thermoplastic polyurethanes) > PVC > None

Apple did not yet release Liquid Silicone Case for iPad users, Magfit did it for apple iPad fans. Hope enjoy & have fun!

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