• World First: The Secret of Magfit iPad Magnets

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    World First: The Secret of Magfit iPad Magnets
      As we all know, Apple has been simplifying its products.iPhone has already achieved wireless charging.and from iPhone 12 onwards, magnets are added to the back of the phone,so as to realize the levitating magnetic charging. iPad can not be wirelessly charged yet,But the iPad Pro series added magnets on the back as early as 2018.So, what can be done with these magnets? Longsea...
  • Stage Manager in iPadOS 16

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    Stage Manager in iPadOS 16
    Apple recently launched iPadOS 16.1, adding many new features, including a very special feature called "Stage Manager". What is Stage Manager? Stage Manager , available for iPad and Mac, is the latest feature never before available for iPadIt allows users to create overlapping windows in a single view, which means that your multiple apps are managed like multiple stages. Lets you work with multiple...
  • 2022 Best iPad Accessories

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    2022 Best iPad Accessories
    In 2022, more and more iPad accessories are being updated How should you choose among the dazzling accessories? Here we will introduce you the iPad accessories from Magfit   1.Magfit iPad Magnetic Stand  BUY NOW Did you know that there are magnets on the back of some iPads? I believe that many people do not know this It is this unique design that gives...
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