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Longsea Magfit iPad Pro & MacBook Magnetic Docking Station

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Longsea Magfit iPad & MacBook 10 IN 1 Magnetic Docking Station

Powerful USB C HUB Stand for iPad Pro/iPad Air 5&4(The latest 2022 iPad Pro also supports)
All-in-One for Your Work/Life Needs
Get the Most out of Your iPad


Powerful 10in1 USB Stand  

HDMI 4K@60Hz | PD100W | USB3.1*2 (10Gpbs Transfer) | USB2.0 |
SD Card | TF Card | 3.5mm Audio Jack | RJ45 Network interface |USB C Output
Suitable For All USB Devices & Powerful Enough to Meet Your Needs


Upgraded Design, Innovation Only at Longsea Magfit

Longsea Magfit pioneered a unique design for a magnetic dock with a removable bracket to allow more devices to be used
Multi-use support for even more devices with the choice of the 12.9" iPad Pro Plus Universal
Upgrades for other models are on the way

Perfect for Expanding Screen Stand & Universal Control

The iPad is the perfect expansion screen option
Longsea Magfit Dock gets your iPad on its feet and you'll find it the most ingenious combination when you use the “Universal Control” and “Sidecar


Get the Most Out of Your iPad 

Add a keyboard and mouse to turn it into a mini iMac in a flash
Great for editing videos/photos on your iPad
Longsea Magfit Dock quickly turns your iPad into a small workstation


Powerful Docking Station To Help Your Work Better

Longsea Magfit dock's powerful features make it easy to do video editing, photo manipulation, and more
With 3.5mm headphones, you can listen to music in noisy places
SD/TF card port for quick access to large amounts of files
Network interface for fast and stable internet access


Enjoy HD Video Anywhere, Anytime

Longsea Magfit offers 4K@60Hz, designed to give you excellent visual enjoyment.
Just connect Longsea Magfit Magnetic iPad Pro Stand & Hub to external monitors by HDMI cable,
Get 4k@60Hz display expansion and enjoy content in a bigger and better way.
Please note that HDMI is only compatible with iPad Pro 2018/2020/2021/2022/Air 5/Air 4 & USB c devices (For example, MacBook, MacBook Pro, etc.) Other models of iPad are not supported


Up to PD100W Charging, Saving You Time

Charging your iPad Pro directly (free gift: cable)
Supports up to 100W input
Get unparalleled charging enjoyment
10Gbps data transfer rate designed to avoid data transfer delays


Ergonomic Height and Preferential Writing Angle, You Can Have Both

The two pivots allow you to write and draw at a comfortable angle while enjoying the ergonomic height. Longsea Magfit is the world's first magnetic dock stand with a foldable design.


Switch Freely Between Horizontal and Vertical Screens

360° free rotation, choose the angle you want, You will find it very convenient when using video calls, Zoom, TikTok

 magfit-ipad-usbc-hub-stand-360° free-rotation-to-choose-your-comfortable-angle

Powerful Magnetic, Click to Suck Your iPad

Equipped with enough magnets, powerful enough to hold your iPad perfectly.
No need for additional magnet attractors


Foldable and Easy to Carry

Longsea Magfit is the first brand to launch a foldable magnetic Dock Stand Longsea Magfit Dock isn't just for your desk, you can take it wherever you want!


  Longsea Magfit Dock Show


Longsea Magfit &  Youtuber



Hub function compatible:

MacBook Pro, iPad Pro of the following models, MacBook Air M1, Mac mini, Windows OS 7/8/10 (X86/X64), Mac OS 10.2+, Chrome OS, Linux, and more.

Magnetic Stand function compatible:

iPad Pro 12.9":  2022 M2(Gen 6), 2021 (Gen 5), 2020 (Gen 4), 2018 (Gen 3)

iPad Pro 11":2022 M2(Gen 4), 2021 (Gen 3), 2020 (Gen 2), 2018 (Gen 1)

iPad Air 10.9":  Air 5th 2022 M1 (5th Gen), Air 4th 2020 (4th Gen)

Check which iPad Pro you have!

Go to Settings App > General > About > Model Name.


1. Please confirm your iPad Pro model first to choose the corresponding product.

2. When using the magnetic bracket to fix your iPad, please carefully align the magnet position, and then let it go after it is firmly attached to prevent the iPad from falling.

3. If your iPad cannot be attached, please rotate the magnetic panel 180° and try again.

4. The laptop needs to have a USB C port to use.

5. If HDMI output wants to achieve a 4K 60Hz effect, it needs the support of receiving device.

6. You can use the official iPad Pro charger and cable as the hub power supply plug

7. The plug is recommended to be more than 45W

8. Please note that due to light and screen, there will be color differences.

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