The Reason Why Anodized Aluminum Alloy Is Better Than Ordinary Aluminum Alloy


As we all know, the composition of aluminum has always been more active molecular structure, in the aluminum rod after processing into aluminum profiles, placed in the air for a long time will be with the water in the air and oxidation chemical reaction, then the surface of aluminum profiles will appear blackening, cracks and other oxidation phenomena, in serious cases will affect the use of the function.


So anodic oxidation is aluminum anodized aluminum, covered with a thin protective layer on the aluminum surface. This creates a highly durable, corrosion-resistant metal surface with decorative properties.

How it works

The working principle is that this step in the aluminum anodizing process is accomplished by installing a cathode in the anodizing tank. Aluminum is used as the anode so that oxygen ions can be released from the electrolyte. The oxygen ions combine with the aluminum atoms to form an oxide layer that is chemically deposited on the aluminum surface. This oxide layer provides surface corrosion protection as well as an excellent substrate for decorative finishes.

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Benefits of anodizing aluminum profiles

1, Good Processability:

anodized aluminum sheets are highly decorative, moderately hard and can be easily bent and formed.

2, Good weather resistance:

anodized aluminum sheet does not change color, corrode, oxidize or rust in the long term.

3, Strong sense of metal:

anodized aluminum plate surface hardness, up to the jewel level, good scratch resistance, no paint coverage on the surface, retain the metal color of aluminum plate, highlight the modern metal sense, improve product grade.

4, High fire resistance:

pure metal products, no paint and any chemical substances on the surface, 600 degrees high temperature does not burn, does not produce toxic gases, in line with the fire protection requirements.

5, High stain resistance:

does not leave handprints, there will be traces of stains, easy to clean, does not produce corrosion spots.

6, High hardness:

the surface of the anodized aluminum plate surface hardness is high, up to the jewel level, good scratch resistance.

Anodized aluminum substrates and ordinary aluminum substrates are different.

1, the appearance is different, ordinary aluminum substrate has a slight bump, the appearance of anodic oxidation is smoother, brighter

2, the function is different, ordinary aluminum substrate is not wear-resistant, anodized aluminum substrate wear resistance, weather resistance is better, the face of hydrochloric acid rain is also unaffected.

 3, the process is different, anodized aluminum plate in the post-production, the process than ordinary aluminum substrate more than a few processing procedures.

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